My Skate Life (in GIFs) Part 2

1. When I haven’t skated in over a week…

2. When the local rink raises admission prices…AGAIN.

3. Trying to find toe protectors for my white skates…

4. When everyone saw you nail that move…

5. Thirst level before skating…

6. Thirst level after skating…

7. When my song comes on at the beginning of the session…

8. When my song comes on at the end of the session…

9. When that dang kid keeps cutting across the rink floor right in front of you. (Where are his parents?)

10. When you finally break in your new skates…

Bay Area Roller Skating Lessons

Certified Instructor - Skate IASkating Lessons at The Church of 8 Wheels

I’m proud to be a Certified Instructor with Skate IA, helping to spread the rolligion of skating in Northern California.


If you live near the San Francisco Bay Area, The Church of 8 Wheels is now offering lessons for traditional roller skates and for inline skates every Saturday morning from 11am to Noon, and again from Noon to 1pm.


LEVEL 1 GROUP LESSONS - SATURDAYS 11am-12pm or 12-1pm

During this 60 minute course, you will learn all the building blocks of skating including; proper skating form, balance, turning, and stopping. If you’ve already got the basics, there’s also backwards skating and a slalom course to teach you to gain confidence and learn to maneuver.

$20.00 PER PERSON (Adults) | $10.00 PER PERSON (Kids 12 & under)
You supply skates and pads*

$30.00 PER PERSON (Adults) | $20.00 PER PERSON (Kids 12 & under)
We supply skates and pads*

* Helmet, elbow, and knee pads are required during class for your safety and as a condition of our insurance.

PLEASE NOTE: All Skating lessons (public or private) on Saturdays at The Church of 8 Wheels must be arranged in advance.

To register for a group class, please send an email indicating which date you’d like to schedule as well as your skate size if you need to rent skates.


If you’re already comfortable with the basics and want to learn something specific, I am available for private lessons at the church as well. Just fill out the contact form below to schedule your one-on-one lesson!

$50.00 PER PERSON – You supply skates and pads*
$60.00 PER PERSON – We supply skates and pads*

* Helmet, elbow, and knee pads are required during class for your safety and as a condition of our insurance.


“Electric Lady” on Wheels

On Sunday, June 8th Roller skaters from throughout the Bay Area rolled in to show off their skills on 8 wheels. D. Miles, San Francisco’s GodFather of Skate served as MC to guide the audience through every solo, pair and group performance. There was even a segment for the audience to come join in and do the “Cupid Shuffle”.

For my performance, I chose one of my favorites songs from the last year, Electric Lady by Janelle Monáe.

You can watch the full performance below from the view of the spectators. (Watch in HD)

Here’s a up-close side view of some of the highlights courtesy Ralph Boethling. (Watch in HD)

You can enjoy other performances from the show with this YouTube playlist.

I’m so grateful to have such talented and lively friends. Hopefully these clips inspire you to have some fun and to roll with soul!!

Calling all Bay Area Skaters!

San Francisco Bay Area skaters have a chance to make history on June 8, 2014!

According to Guinness World Records:

The longest chain of roller skaters consists of 254 participants and was achieved by Clyde 1 and ScotRail (UK) in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, on 8 September 2013.


We’re going to break that record and more!!

All the details and Guinness rules are posted here:

Guinness officials require all participants be registered for the event. You can register here:

If you can’t make the event, join us afterward at Skatin’ Place in Golden Gate Park (6th & Fulton) for the Annual Skater Showcase.
Enjoy great skate performances from the Church of 8 Wheels skaters!!


White Chocolate will be there!! I hope to see you too!!

Photos: Michael Short, Ralph Boethling

2Raw’s Annual Spring Skate Jam

This past weekend was the annual 2Raw Spring Skate Jam. It’s the biggest late night skate party in Northern California and folks come out from all parts of the country to roll.

We had a few special guests in the house. The producers from the United Skates Documentary were doing a little filming. We also had “Queen of the South” Joi of the world-famous Atlanta Sk8-a-thon visiting us.

I stole this pic from my good friend Kai pictured here with Tina and Dyana, the United Skates film makers.


I’m always so busy skating that I forget to take lots of photos and videos, but I wanted to share the few that I did take so you can check it out too.

Sigh. Just look at that beautiful wood floor…


A rare gap in the action. (I just wanted to see that wood again. lol)


Rollerdance man Richard Humphrey teaching his smooth steps in the middle.


“Doin’ it Detroit Style” – I think this is one of my favorite styles to watch. Not only is Detroit my hometown, but I love the classic, smooth moves of the D. These ladies were so fun to watch.


2 full nights of skating! My legs do not like me anymore, but I wished it would never end.


It’s my “Skate Knight!!”


Thanks to the 2Raw event crew and all the wonderful skaters for a great weekend!!