Skate Legend – Bill “Jamma” Butler

If you’ve ever seen these images pop up on the internet, please know that this is NO ordinary “ol skool” skater.


When people were rolling to organ music in the 40’s, Bill Butler is the man that brought the funk and jazz to skating in Detroit and then most famously in New York. His artistry, skill and style inspired many of the popular incarnations of roller skating that exist today.

As these forms of roller skating become popular in various parts of the country, it’s important to honor it’s cultural origins and the unsung pioneers that have given roller skating it’s flavor and style.

If you skate, get to know Bill Butler:

Watch Bill skate:

Videos from Atlanta’s Skate-a-thon 2014

Forgive me skaters, I realized I never posted those Skate-a-thon videos that I promised a few months back.


1. This is Robert, he’s part of my Bay Area skate family, but his style is all Detroit. Love watching his smooth skating.

2.  Here we have the magic inner circle where skaters come to show their best stuff! Here’s Josh “Batman” Smith heating things up in the middle.

3. This one portion of the night called “Roll Call,” where each style of skating gets a bit of shine. This style is called “Open House,” watch these guys slide!

4. These lovely ladies are friends of mine from the Bay Area, doing their thing in the middle.

5. Here are the Trains and Trios from roll call. Skaters link up in 3’s or more and glide around as 1 unit. Amazing control.


My 1st Skate-a-Thon – Atlanta Skate Trip Photos

Labor Day weekend marked the 19th Annual Joi’s Skate-a-thon in Atlanta. This was my first major out-of-town skate trip. My friend Kai and I decided to share the experience together since we both started skating at the same time about 5 years ago. Here’s “1-Flow” and I relaxing at the VIP party at Cascade before the main event on night #2.


I was so busy skating, I didn’t get to take too many photos/videos, but here’s just a peek at my trip!

Friday Night – All American Rink, Stone Mountain, GA


I couldn’t even venture a guess as to how many skaters filled the floor that night, but it was absolutely mind-blowing to watch hundreds of skaters, all with different styles weave in and out of each other effortlessly. For me, it wasn’t so effortless at first, but I started to get the hang of this great big dance. The DJ’s did a phenomenal job of keeping everyone in the groove.

Saturday Night – Cascade Skating Rink, Atlanta, GA

Sk8athon_004 Sk8athon_005Sk8athon_006 Sk8athon_007

Ahhhh, 25 and older skaters at this party. I love the young bloods, but this was party all about the grown-folks. This was my favorite night by far. The energy and the love in this rink was palpable and there was a little bit more room to get it in. With some encouragement, I even ventured into the middle circle and busted out some moves. I hope someone somewhere got some of it on video, because it was one of those out-of-body experiences, where the right song comes on and your feet just take over. DJ Big Bob had us sweating, and it felt so good!

Sunday Night – Golden Glide, Decatur, GA

Sk8athon_008 Sk8athon_009 Sk8athon_010

Night #3 of the festivities and Northern California came out in full force on “Rep your City” night. *Orange Alert!!* Again, the house was packed and the energy was high. There were a few stops and starts from a couple falls, and some knucklehead who brought a drink out on the floor. I was afraid I had lost my groove. They slowed things down a bit and then it was time for Roll Call. This is where the regions with the most distinct skate styles get a chance to do their thing on a much less crowded floor.  Do yourself a favor and check out some of these styles on Youtube, expand your mind and your skating; JB, Open House, Snapping, Sliders, Fast Backwards.  After that, I got my second wind and managed to put in some middle work before the end of the night.

Here’s my Northern California Skate Family representing in Orange! We roll deep!


Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I was fortunate to end my trip with the hospitality of “Queen of the South” Joi herself. We enjoyed a nice relaxing visit before heading back to the Bay. Here’s our crew with Joi’s “Wall of Fame.”


White Chocolate is SUPER proud to be on that wall. I can’t thank Joi enough for her years of dedication to this event and to skating in general. I had the time of the my life and I feel so fortunate to have had this experience!

Stay tuned for some videos from the event. I gotta show you guys some of these different styles. I hope my footage came out alright. ;-)


My Skate Life (in GIFs) Part 2

1. When I haven’t skated in over a week…

2. When the local rink raises admission prices…AGAIN.

3. Trying to find toe protectors for my white skates…

4. When everyone saw you nail that move…

5. Thirst level before skating…

6. Thirst level after skating…

7. When my song comes on at the beginning of the session…

8. When my song comes on at the end of the session…

9. When that dang kid keeps cutting across the rink floor right in front of you. (Where are his parents?)

10. When you finally break in your new skates…

Bay Area Roller Skating Lessons

Certified Instructor - Skate IASkating Lessons at The Church of 8 Wheels

I’m proud to be a Certified Instructor with Skate IA, helping to spread the rolligion of skating in Northern California.

If you live near the San Francisco Bay Area, The Church of 8 Wheels is now offering lessons for traditional roller skates and for inline skates every Saturday from 1-2pm.



During this 60 minute course, you will learn all the building blocks of skating including; proper skating form, balance, turning, and stopping.

$20.00 PER PERSON (Adults) | $10.00 PER PERSON (Kids)
You supply skates and pads*

$30.00 PER PERSON (Adults) | $20.00 PER PERSON (Kids)
We supply skates and pads*

* Helmet, elbow, and knee pads are required during class for your safety and as a condition of our insurance.

PLEASE NOTE: All Skating lessons (public or private) on Saturdays at The Church of 8 Wheels must be arranged in advance.

To register for a GROUP CLASS, please send an email indicating which date you’d like to schedule as well as your skate size if you need to rent skates.


If you’re already comfortable with the basics and want to learn something specific, I am available for private lessons at the church by appointment.

$50.00 PER PERSON – You supply skates and pads*
$60.00 PER PERSON – We supply skates and pads*

* Helmet, elbow, and knee pads are required during class for your safety and as a condition of our insurance.

To register for a PRIVATE LESSON, please send an email indicating which date you’d like to schedule as well as your skate size if you need to rent skates. Be sure to indicate you want a private lesson specifically with me. White Chocolate/Aimee.

“Electric Lady” on Wheels

On Sunday, June 8th Roller skaters from throughout the Bay Area rolled in to show off their skills on 8 wheels. D. Miles, San Francisco’s GodFather of Skate served as MC to guide the audience through every solo, pair and group performance. There was even a segment for the audience to come join in and do the “Cupid Shuffle”.

For my performance, I chose one of my favorites songs from the last year, Electric Lady by Janelle Monáe.

You can watch the full performance below from the view of the spectators. (Watch in HD)

Here’s a up-close side view of some of the highlights courtesy Ralph Boethling. (Watch in HD)

You can enjoy other performances from the show with this YouTube playlist.

I’m so grateful to have such talented and lively friends. Hopefully these clips inspire you to have some fun and to roll with soul!!