My Skate Life (in GIFs) Part 4 – Cat Edition!

1. Unloading the carpool at the late night skate jam




2. Watching the fast backwards skaters




3. That one reckless skater who never watches out for anybody




4. That one time you fell, but totally played it off…kinda




5. Trying to figure out if it’s your skates that stink




6. When you see a sweet move for the very first time




7. When someone comes up to the DJ Booth and requests “Funkytown”




8. Selfie Spin




9. Trying to walk after Skate-a-thon weekend




10. When the DJ got you in the zone

Required Reading for all Skaters

Some time last year, a brilliant article was published in Electronic Beats magazine.

“Sound in Motion” provides an in-depth look at the origins of style-skating and the music that provided the infinite loop which feeds the culture even to this day.

It’s divided into 4 chapters:

  • Style Skating, Civil Rights and the Evolution of Rink Music
  • New York City – Disco, Boogie and Beyond: Danny Krivit
  • Style skating and James Brown remix culture in Chicago: ShaProStyle
  • From the rink to the dancefloor: DJ Spinn & RP Boo

I hope this link never goes down, because this story is to pivotal to understanding the issues that created the skating culture, and the pioneers who paved the way.

It’s a long read, but it’s worth it. There’s also some great media bits included throughout.

Click the image to transfer to the article.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 2.16.54 PM


Skate-a-thon 2015 – Class is in Session

Showcasing some of the great skaters I captured during Atlanta’s 20th Annual Skate-a-thon.
Take notes, class is in session!!

Chapter 1: The Spin

Dan “Kno Limitz” – Seattle

“T-Stacks” – Tennessee

Chapter 2: Floorwork

“Sensai” – Kansas City

“Bee1ne” Anthony – Ohio

Chapter 3: Footwork

Hezekiah – North Carolina

“Batman” Smith – Chicago

Unknown Skater – Chicago

Amazing skating fellas, thank you for the inspiration!

Skate-a-thon 2015 – Celebrating the Ladies in the Middle

It can be super intimidating to get out in front of a group of people and show them your best moves. It can especially intimidating to push through a crowd of amped-up guys just to get a piece of the floor for a few precious seconds.

I’m proud of these ladies who got out there and held their own!

California: Tiffany

California: Michelle

Illinois: Natasha

California: K-Fancy

Atlanta: CeCe

Gurl Power! #sk8athon20

GUEST DJ: Church of 8 Wheels – August 27, 28 & 29


In addition to being an Official Skate Instructor, I’m also your friendly neighborhood Roller Disco DJ.

I LOVE skate music, (Just look at those pants!) and I’ve been invited to play some music for YOU!

Here are the details for the sessions:

  • Thursday – LGBT Night (All Welcome) 7pm-10pm
  • Friday – Roller Disco – 7pm-11pm
  • Saturday – Roller Disco (+18 up only) – 7pm-11pm

$10 to enter, $5 skate rental

The Church of 8 Wheels – 554 Fillmore St. (At Fell) San Francisco, CA 94117

If you’re in the Bay Area, hope to see you there!

Roller Skate Class – April 4, 2015

We had a great time at The Church of 8 Wheels skate class this weekend!

These great students quickly learned the duck walk, basic stride, and stopping, so we set up a slalom course to introduce a bit of turning. I challenged skaters to make sure to keep their heads up, looking ahead so that I could get a photo of them as an everlasting skate memory.

Needless to say, they did great! But my photo skills needs a bit of work. The skaters went so fast!
We’ll call these photos “avant garde speed blur,” Artsy right?? ;-)
(Click the thumbnails for the large version)

skate class-001askate class-002skate class-003skate class-004skate class-005skate class-006skate class-007skate class-008skate class-010skate class-011

Big thanks to the students for coming out and letting us get them started on their new skating adventures and all the fun and joy that skating brings!

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and you’d like more information on taking our class, click this link: The Church of 8 Wheels skate class